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lionsden97 3 years ago
Bullshit. She charges too much, wack asf
rosdamost 3 years ago
Sasha is everything you want and can have at the same time. Without a doubt, she is my favorite and this is coming from someone who has 80+ subs. Clearly, she is alluring with the perfect body but I will not harp on that. It's her personality that captures your soul. Her personal interactions thru DM's always feel sincere and captivating. Her content DMs are a nice blend of sexy paid and free material (yes, that includes the occasional nude content). You get DM surprises for having auto-renewal on. That's always a plus. She tries to post at least once a day. However, even if she doesn't post, she will at least reply to DMs. Another aspect that tends to get lost on her because her body is amazing (including that ass) are her eyes and her smile. They both provide this sense of warmth and care. After a few weeks of being on her page and getting to know her body and aura, I decided to buy a 12 month subscription. I have not regretted that for a second. As she continues to grow, I cannot wait to see her go live on OF and see the eyes of her soul in real time.

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