twitchdp1985 1 week ago
So very hot!!!
Ffffd 1 week ago
Low update She doesnt answer any messages. And for 25.99 (the price of her onlyfans) well is a 0, and this is good part "Subscribe and get free content all month !!! how does that sound baby? 😈 Ready to have some fun? I have a lot to show you! 💦 enjoy 😘" all of that is false. Dont follow her.
Shinshi 1 month ago
Great Page, professional Photos, definitely worth the sub! She even writes back :))
asianhotwife 3 months ago
Not sure how she does it but Monique has gone and made her page even a better value! She’s now posting full length videos for free weekly on her page while sharing some of her more recent stuff as reasonable priced ppvs! I’ve been a long time subscriber of hers and will continue to be for as long as she’s on the platform! Truly one of if not the best Onlyfans has to offer
YuliusKaysar 4 months ago
Nice body. She didn’t used to show her face but recently started too. Like a lot of pages the subsciption fee is basically a cover charge to bug PPVs and her PPVs are relatively expensive
Annabelle is absolutely sensational! She is truly the bondage queen. Her custom videos are outstanding 🔥
Nozzaman24 4 months ago
Eden Kain is an incredible OF content creator, her price is more than fair at 9.95 a month and she has premium drops for if you tribute 10 dollars throughout the month on ppvs, random tips etc. She has a backlog of different sets she'll send completely free in the DMs, caters to all different kinds of fetishes. She is incredibly kind as well in the DMs and loves talking to her subs, probably one of the best OF accounts and you should definitely be subbed to her you won't regret it
kljjodbdb 5 months ago
Switched to fanvue! Here’s her new account!
Hahi 6 months ago
Very friendly and does great customs! 🥵🥵🥵🥵 not to mention she’s sexy as fuckk😈
OFcritic 7 months ago
The price may be cheap but dont expect any content worth buying. The prices for some pics or clips that are less than a minute are insane! She charges ridiculously high prices for bottom tier content. While she does respond to messages, unless you tip consistently, expect to see repeated photos being sent no matter how long you have been a subscriber. Save the $5 and just check out her instagram, she posts way more content there.
Nonya 8 months ago
Just found this baddie and I’m glad I did. Good lord. You will not be disappointed 🤤
Americanethics 8 months ago
No content with paid subscription. Just wants more money
Areal1x 8 months ago
This girl a bad bih
ayaaron9 8 months ago
total smokeshow, that a** is killer
Fbutter 9 months ago
If I could give a 0 I would total bitch .working angles and little to no honor.if that's your thing well here your dream gurl.
u25287654 9 months ago
Best of the best Sexy as hell. she free to subscribe to but her paid posts are where its at on god
Victor 9 months ago
She’s okay friendly but she ask for tips so I unfortunately had to unsubbed due to her obsession with asking for tips just be aware of her.
John 9 months ago
There are other models on onlyfans that are very friendly and know how to treat their fans but she only cares about your money and plays these games like puzzle once you win on her live show after sending 5 for a tip she will tell you she’s busy if you ask her about your prize. Don’t send your hard earned money on this scammer 👎👎👎.
Daniel 9 months ago
She will try to recommend you buy custom photos/video once you send the money she will forget or saying she’s busy don’t waste your money on this scammer and her onlyfans.
JJettplane98 9 months ago
Pretty much inactive. Posts the same photos on her page and through dm's. Beware photo bundles, both times I paid for them they were the same photos on her page. She doesn't read or respond to messages (even tips), don't fall for any post where she says she'll spoil you if you tip her or any post where she says she's having a bad day/"someone be nice to me". They're all to gain sympathy and tips that will never be seen or acknowledged. She does have some decent (old) content on her page but don't expect new content or interaction. All she does now is push her merch. Only subscribe if it's free or $3.

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