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September 2021

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outroducin 2 years ago
Content on their page and its quality: She has a decent amount of content so I would have to say that is the most positive thing about her page. Her page consists of 1584 post of which 817 are video and 997 are photos. The content tends to be mostly modeling pictures which are topless and nude. She does have some hardcore mixed in but they are usually pay per view and not very frequent. Review: For a pornstar I found her only fans pretty underwhelming. She tends to post too many modeling pictures with photographers which is not what I signed up to see a pornstar do. Many of the videos and pictures of herself are nude but they are heavily photoshopped and boring. She does do hardcore content but not often enough or the type of scenes I would like her to do. Ever since she went to brazzers her content has been pretty lack luster and stale. For a while she did some great scenes when she shot for EvilAngel, Swallowed, SlobJobs and Throated. I was hoping her OF would have content similar to the sites mentioned. Sadly its very much the opposite. The fetish content is pretty non existent as she does very few squirting, rimming, gangbangs or MMF scenes. She has done many of these scenes before mind you for companies. As far as interaction goes unless you are going to tip her over 50$ per message its very unlikely you will get a response. It seems she’s really only on there to collect as many tips as possible and that's definitely the feeling I got. Did you enjoy being subscribed?: Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the subscription and would not subscribe again. My hope is that she leaves brazzers and gets back to the dirtier content that made her who she is today. Would you recommend their profile to others?: I would not recommend her OF to other as there are many other OF pages with much better quality content. In closing for an older pornstar I believe she needs to start branching out from her usual vanilla scenes and content. Hopefully, in the future to keep her popularity she will get out of her comfort zone and make more fetish content and less modeling content.

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