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lordgaga 2 years ago
My "relationship" with Lauran was short-lived, but tells you everything you need to know about her. I was offered a free trial to her VIP account through one of the other girls I followed. I paid $6 to unlock one of Lauran's DMs. She then (unsolicited) sent a pregnancy/creampie fetish video (locked) in my DMs and then asked for my opinion. I have never been into THAT sort of thing (Not judging! It's just not for me), so I replied with "It sounds terrifying." She then proceeded to block me. I was somewhat annoyed, so I subscribed to her OTHER account (the FREE one) just so that I could ask her why she blocked me (and right after I paid to unlock some of her content, at that). The best she could come up with was to take a screenshot showing that I had paid a total of $0 to her FREE account (I had never claimed otherwise), thereby "proving" me a liar; she then blocked me (again) before I could respond with anything. TL,DR Ms. Vickers has no sense of humor. If you aren't into her particular fetishes, you better not say so. And she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I strongly advise you to pass.

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